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Melbourne: One Of The Best Places To Explore

Melbourne: One Of The Best Places To Explore

Melbourne! A city of outstanding nightlife is a place that everyone wants to travel to. From street art to wineries it has all to make your trip a memorable one. Have a sunbath on a beach and dance around the city at night. Have a look at the mesmerizing street art and hop on and hop off a tram.

If you are the one who prefers to relax, consider Federation Square as it is the best place for you. Roam here freely and spend quality time here. Your trip to Melbourne would be a perfect place as the city has a lot to offer you.

Are you are planning to visit Melbourne? From planning a trip to book a taxi from Melbourne airport here are the 10 things you must know before planning a trip.

  1. Do You Need To Apply For A Visa Or Not?

While traveling to Melbourne, it is mandatory to have a visa or an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization). Needless to say, you must have a valid passport while traveling. There are several types of visas such as work, travel, study, and PR but the most popular one is a tourist visa. However, you can apply for an electronic visa but it is recommended to have a buffer of at least one week. The cost of the visa is $20AUD. In the case of residents of the UK and Canada, they need to apply for an ETA.

  1. Cabs: Your Ultimate Travel Solution

Airports can be hectic, with long queues and immigration. It is best to pre-book a taxi from Melbourne airport that is waiting for your arrival. Consider the same taxi for your complete trip as it is very convenient and additionally the drivers can show you more of the city. While there are several cab companies, consider an affordable one.

  1. Do You Know About Art?

Not everyone got a taste in art but if you have, consider starting your tour with a street art tour. You will admire the work and know why it attracts artists from various parts of the world. Consider taking a free walk around the city, you will learn about the city and the questions from a local give. Make sure you tip the guide at the end.

  1. Wine Lovers Just Can’t Miss This

According to the facts, Australia is the fifth largest exporter of wine and exports 60% of the produced wines to other countries. If you are visiting Melbourne, you definitely can’t miss the wineries. The country has several fantastic wine regions to explore. Ask your taxi driver to take you to the nearest winery and explore them. This is the benefit to book a taxi from Melbourne airport, you can plan with your driver which places you want to visit on your trip.

  1. How About Living On A Beach?

Imagine living on the beachside and having lunch in a pool. Staring the waves while sipping your favorite wine. This is a dream for many but all cannot fulfill it. Guess what if you are traveling to Melbourne, you can rent a beachside villa on weekly basis. With an outdoor kitchen and an indoor one, you get a complimentary pool to enjoy your vacation. Live your dream and book a beachside villa for your family.

  1. Talking With The Localities

While the natives speak English but they have their slang. It can be challenging to have a conversation if you don’t have a translator. There are specific words that strongly hold Australian English making it complex for others. So it’s better to learn the common words to have an understandable conversation with them.

  1. Your Social Media Updates

Surely you want to be in touch with the world. From posting pictures on social media to video calling your loved ones, you need a stable internet connection. Well, you can face connectivity issues here. Unlike the other tourist places, Melbourne does not offer you internet everywhere. To deal with this problem, consider buying a hotspot to carry around. Some of the hotspots also can double us as a portable charger, it can be an additional benefit for your phone.

  1. Is The Trip Worth The Money Spent?

Best things come with a price, and so is Australia. Your vacation can be expensive so manage your budget and the trip accordingly. Here you explore a variety of things and experience lots of new things and the prices can be high. When it’s a lifetime experience then it’s worth the money. Definitely, you will not regret a single penny you spent on the trip.

  1. Kangaroos Don’t Roam On Streets

While talking about Melbourne, there are a variety of animals that comes to your mind. However, with the development of the city, it is not the same. Es, you can find a kangaroo or a snake but not in the city. Away from the noisy city life, the wildlife resides far in the wildlife reserves. If you want to experience it, ask your driver to take you to the nearest wildlife sanctuary.

  1. Summers Winters And Rains Altogether

Australian weather is unpredictable, at a time you are enjoying a sunny beach day and in no time it can be raining heavily. It is possible that the weather is cool also. Therefore, pack your clothes considering the weather issues. Carry umbrellas or rain protectors so that your trip is not ruined. Also, check the weather forecast before making bookings, surely you don’t want to sit back in the hotel and see the raining city from the window.

Have A Safe And Happy Vacation

After working hard for days, you plan for a vacation therefore it should be interesting at any cost. Many of you select to visit Melbourne in Australia. The city has lots of things to offer to every visitor and surely you will enjoy every bit of your trip. It is really important to plan your trip beforehand so that there is no trouble while being in a foreign country. Generally, people visiting here pre-book a taxi from the Melbourne airport to avoid the hassles that may be there later on. The cab drivers are the best guide and well aware of the local areas well. While there are several cab services, OZZIE TAXI is a brand name that takes care of everything for you, it manages your whole trip starting from picking you from the airport and dropping you back there. Enjoy your stay here.

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